Logic Compact


Launch a cross-channel campaign on and off-line for Logic Compact, the new magnetically charged e-vaper, by JTI Tobacco group.


Delineate the new category of vapers to those seeking reduced risk products by creating a Manifesto that offers a sense of belonging to the Logic Natives community. The Manifesto enunciated the lifestyle, values and preferences of the Logic Natives, and was declined in an OOH campaign, with multiple subjects, in five Italian cities. In addition, substantial PR and influencer marketing campaigns were conducted, involving some of the hottest contemporary musicians. Achille Lauro, Rochelle, il Pagante, The Kolors and Luché were the headliners of Logic Secret Jam, an original format of exclusive evening events reserved exclusively for members of the Logic Natives community. Lastly, the three main e-cigarette flavors provided inspiration for the three cocktails served, by bartender Giorgio Facchinetti, during a series of itinerant happy hour events held in the most exclusive locations in Italy. The activation produced a significant amount of video and photographic content, which was used on the brand’s social channels.


3 months of activation
10 events
+4.000 visitors
+2.000 media space