Rai Pubblicità

Rai Pubblicità

The Voice


Promote the launch of the show The Voice. The fifth season of this musical format by Rai2 featured jury members J-Ax, Al Bano, Francesco Renga and the singer from of Lacuna Coil, Cristina Scabbia.


Organize a road tour to highlight one of the key elements of The Voice: the judge’s chair, along with a tightly packed schedule of silent concerts. During the events the audience could become “judge for a day” and vote on the performances of the artists to select the most memorable performance. The activation kicked off in Sanremo, during the Italian Song Festival, prior to traveling to Milan, for three different dates in the city’s main piazzas. The onfield participation rapidly sparked online buzz, thanks in part to several YouTubers and influencers who published their personal experiences on their profiles.


2 cities
4 silent concerts
+4.000 samples distributed
+3.000 social interactions