Magica Musica


To use an activation to successfully communicate the magical worlds and dreamlike atmosphere of the debut album of Venerus, Magica Musica, released by Asian Fake and Sony Music in February of 2021.


To physically “launch” the hand that symbolizes the album into the air, using an aerostatic ball fitted with a Go-Pro and a letter baring the message, “Searching the Universe for forms of love”. The voyage lasted four hours and was followed with live commentary by Venerus himself on the Twitch channel of Asian Fake, along with all of the featured guests from the album.

A video of this physical and symbolic trip was captured in the meantime, providing a narrative cornice for the story of the launch where Venerus played the part of someone who was homeless in the universe, a character of his own invention.


40.000 km covered by the hand
47.800 direct views on Twitch
17.900 social Interaction