Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Proud in my Calvins


Develop an on-ground activation to enhance visibility for Calvin Klein’s global #proudinmycalvins campaign, launched in 2020 with a capsule collection dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community and comprising minimalist clothing with tie-dye details and the iconic rainbow print motif.


Design an on-field campaign using two different unconventional media: a giant mural, created with the involvement of artist and activist Dafne Boggeri, and a grassroots wild posting campaign. 

The aim of the art wall was to depict the delicate moment of coming out: the work was entitled “Coming out of my Comfort Zone”, and was intended as a tribute to the 1970s LGBTQIA+ movements by means of the use of solid color and the presence of masks from Greek mythology. On the other hand, the wild posting operation focused on CK’s campaign imagery, with shots designed to celebrate beauty beyond any preconceived ideas and prejudices.


20 liters of paint
200 posters
3,4mln on-field impressions