Coming Out Day


Launch the podcast “Coming Out” – available on Audible bookstore from October 11, 2019 – to coincide with Coming Out Day and valorize the personal experiences of the young men and women that are the protagonists of the stories.


Leverage on the value of diversity and the patrimony of stories that have not yet been written by setting up a “coming out corner”, in collaboration with the bar Leccomilano. Here, people were encouraged to come out or tell the story of when they first came out. A branded cabin recorded their video testimonies, offering them chance to become the subject of the second podcast series and be shared (upon their consent) on Audible’s social accounts with the hashtag #comingoutday. The author of the series and the 12 protagonists were present at the inaugural event of the activation, along with the illustrator who made individual portraits for the cover of each episode.


10 days of activation
+200 UGC
+1.000 passers-by