24 ORE Cultura

24 ORE Cultura

Pharaoh Amenhotep II


Create a campaign to promote the inauguration of the important exhibit at the MUDEC – Museo delle Culture di Milano – in 2017, dedicated to Ancient Egypt and to the deeds of Pharaoh Amenhotep II.


Help the citizens of Milan relive the atmosphere of the Valley of the Kings in 1500BCE using an ironic and disruptive tone-of-voice. One week before the show opened to the public, a Pharaoh accompanied by two massive bodyguards toured the city streets trying to photobomb people while they took photos and then diffusing them with the hashtag #faraone (pharaoh). Several days later, the explanation for this strange phenomenon was revealed in a video that circulated the web in just a few hours. The reveal was supported by a simultaneous 3-day live-painting activation in Piazza Gae Aulenti, where a calligrapher demonstrated the complex hieroglyphic writing system to passers-by.


5 days of activation
25 press and radio mentions
+5.000 onfield foot traffic
+1.500 UGC