24 ORE Cultura

24 ORE Cultura

Impressions of East


Transmit the profound impact that Japan has always had on Western culture, which was the subject of the exhibition, “Impressioni d’Oriente”, inaugurated at the Mudec of Milan on October 1, 2019.


Develop an unconventional activation based on the cultural encounter between the two worlds: Japan and the West. In the teaser phase, the graphic patterns and iconic motifs of the objects on display at the exhibition were re-elaborated by an animator to be transformed into wild projections which embellished the foliage of the trees in some of Milan’s greenest areas. During the next phase, the projections became the protagonists of an artistic live performance, to the sounds of multiple-instrument playing Japanese musician, Gak Sato. The event thrilled the audience at the Indro Montanelli park, thanks to his impressive live set using a theremin. The video made during the event became the promo for the exhibition and was shared on Mudec’s social channels.


3 nights of activation
+1.000 guests at the event
+30 press mentions