Sky Cinema

Sky Cinema



Express the utter originality of Tafanos (meaning “horseflies”), a campy Italian splatter b-movie with everything it takes to become a cult classic. The film was produced and distributed by Sky Cinema in 2018.


Come up with a tactical guerrilla marketing activation configured as creative trolling: thousands of horsefly larvae started appearing in the streets and piazzas around Milan and Rome, as well as on social media platforms of thousands of people. Users were simultaneously curious and entertained. Some thought they might be alien larva, some asked entomologists for an explanation, and others wondered if they were mosquitos from the Navigli canals. The answer to this buzz teaser was an event where it emerged that it was only a mockup made of high-definition silicone, and candid camera interviews with passers-by were used to reveal the prank behind the activation.


2 cities
5 days of shooting
100 larvae installed
+20.000 social interactions