Trame di tessuto urbano


Giving the city of Padua one of its most valuable assets, making it a beautiful place in which to live, while also demonstrating McArthurGlen Group’s attention to urban improvement in an artistic key.


With street artist Luca Font, weaving the plot of a new story, made not of words, but of colors. This gave rise to the work “Tapestry of Urban Fabric”, a sidewalk graffiti work decorating 700 square meters of Piazza del Volontariato, transforming it from an abandoned location to a space vibrant with life, also featuring a basketball court and a new parkour structure. Within the installation, you can glimpse iconic locations, real and imaginary, that provide a backdrop for people’s lives interwoven within, underlining how the city is an indissoluble combination of spaces and their inhabitants.

A twin to this work was created inside the Designer Outlet at Noventa di Piave, where shapes and colors become a link between the various monobrand stores and the center’s guests.


+800 sqm painted surface
+ 700 shots at the basket
+ 150 jars of paint