Heatable Capsule Collection


Express the way in which the Capsule Collection by Alpha Tauri, premium fashion brand founded by Red Bull, matches the needs of urban lifestyle. In fact, its garments can be worn in even the harshest weather conditions, because they comprise heated filaments that can be activated as required by means of an App or an Apple Watch.


Designing and installing an immersive installation inside the courtyard at the State University, that could offer a sensorial experience of the collection’s trans-seasonality and interactivity. Crossing the threshold of the installation, designed by Hannes Boeker and Daniel Kainz, visitors entered a setting consisting of two spaces, each of which was associated with a color: blue and red. Even though the temperature of the two spaces was not modified, the difference in color alone achieved an incredible effect of chromosaturation that gave visitors physical sensations of heat or cold. This referenced the specific features of the Heatable Capsule Collection. Hallmarked by simple, elemental lines and volumes, the installation had an exterior façade that physically changed color, creating striking chromatic effects.


32.534 visitors
8 days activation