An immersive Dramagate


Transform an entertainment genre that had never been seen before in Italy into the must-see event of 2018. Roseline is a dramagate, an immersive experience that feeds off of contemporary voyeurism and is configured as a hybrid between a theatrical piece, an RPG and an escape room. Roseline is an experimental work developed inside of an abandoned 3500 m2 ex-school, created as a modern revival of Hamlet and performed entirely in the English language.


Create an unconventional campaign to raise hype surrounding the experience and transmit its essence and imagery without revealing any of the particulars. To this end, the teaser phase included a series of questions that invaded the streets, clubs, supermarkets and bars of Milan: Milano: “What is Roseline?” “Where is Roseline?” “How deep is Roseline?”. The slashed eye – the official symbol of the performance – was the focus of the campaign, with a massive capillary reach that covered numerous contexts: from the winter edition of the Miami festival, to the newspaper ads, at the stadium, sidewalk graffiti, and newsstands. During phase 2 a series of interviews were published, along with reviews and content that provided the public with a little more information and brief answers to the questions raised.


30 days of activations
+50 press mentions
+2.000 unconventional ads
+3.500 audience members