Red Bull

Red Bull

Dance Your Style 19


Replicate the launch for the street dance event, Dance Your Style, produced in 2018. The goal was to use a surprising and unique activation to increase word-of-mouth communication within targeted niche audiences.


Produce cross-channel activities designed to dominate the territory and the web – through unconventional media solutions – with a captivating video series. One week before the event, a wild posting campaign was launched throughout in-target areas of Milan; at the same time, on Red Bull’s social channels, several video clips were posted showing street dancers competing on the roofs of buildings around the city. Lastly, during the weekend, an activation was staged in front of the Colonne di San Lorenzo, where several of the most important street crews in Milan danced in front of live projections of their performances on the back wall.


+2.500 posters
4 roofs
4 hours of projections