Piazze Aperte

Comune di Milano

Piazze Aperte


To regenerate and transform two squares in Milan from parking zones or passageways into social meeting places for the young and old, by participating in the open tender held by the Municipality of Milan, “Piazze Aperte”.


Roman street artist Camilla Falsini was brought on to help win the tender. She came up with two artworks that were then installed on the pavement in Piazzale Loreto and piazza Minniti by our GreenGraffiti team. The result was an explosion of colors and graphic images that form the names of the two neighborhoods. The letters included references to the history and distinctive traits of these two areas. The pieces were also designed to include playful elements that improve the lifestyle of the youngest residents in the neighborhood.


1.900 sqm painted surface
2.000 jars of paint
+40 press releases