La città della Moda


Build a narrative link that could bring McArthurGlen Serravalle Designer Outlet closer to the city of Milan, creating a disruptive physical presence on the urban territory capable of intercepting new audiences and communicating the brand’s values and positioning.


Perform an urban redevelopment operation in one of Milan’s most important green areas, Parco Ravizza, with a complex project comprising a gigantic work of tactical urbanism and a new inclusive workout area for the population.
The pavement artwork, named “La città della moda”, was devised and installed by street artist Luca Font, and its objective was to make the park more livable, encouraging people to visit and actively use it. The decoration took the form of a rich system of geometric shapes and saturated colors, utilized by the artist as a visual language to convey his personal outlook on the delicate relationship between the park and the city.
The inauguration of the area was celebrated with a musical event open to the public, featuring performances by DJ duo Boss Doms and Valentina Pegorer.


1750 sqm painted surface
180 cans of paint
4 hours of DJ-set