Dior Parfums

Dior Parfums

The chandelier of dreams


During the Christmas season, create a marvelous urban work to surprise and excite passers-by, a tribute to the magnificent presence of the iconic fragrance J’Adore.


In Milan’s Piazza della Scala, the romantic salon that shares its name with one of the world’s most prestigious opera houses, install a sculpture depicting an imposing golden chandelier with branches lit by 70 larger-than-life reproductions of the famous J’Adore bottle.
The chandelier, accompanied by five Christmas trees clad in a wealth of decorations, was placed on a 100-square-meter base entirely clad in an illustration by artist Pietro Ruffo: a complex system of constellations designed as a metaphor for the majesty of the Dior universe.


70 J'Adore factice
30 days of operation
+200 press release